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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Boit


Head of the department of Semiconductor Devices
since July 2002

Phone: +49 30 314-25520
Fax: +49 30 314-29761
Room: E 103
E-Mail: christian.boit[AT]tu-berlin.de

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  • Prof. Dr. Christian Boit is head of the semiconductor device department, an institution for research and development of equipment and software application in the areas device simulation, technology, characterization, reliability and focus on failure analysis, offering also training and commercial analytical service on backside techniques.
  • He received the diploma in physics and the PhD in electrical engineering on power devices from the Berlin University of Technology.
  • In 1986 he joined Siemens AG's Research laboratories for semiconductor electronics in Munich and has been pioneer on photoemission, 1990 he participated in the joint IBM-Siemens 64M DRAM development team in East Fishkill NY (USA).
  • He returned 1993 to the Siemens semiconductor group as failure analysis manager, has pushed many projects on leading edge techniques, and has been director of failure analysis in InfineonTechnologies AG, Munich until 2002, responsible for the Infineon analysis tasks, the F/A roadmap and coordination of all F/A groups in the company including best practise benchmark activities.
  • He has contributed to books, is author of several invited and altogether more than 50 publications and contributions to international conferences on various topics of technology and electrical/physical analysis of semiconductors, with Photoemission as a center of gravity. On this topic he received 1993 the VDE-Award in Frankfurt/M. and is a lecturer on ISTFA's Workshop.
  • He is member at large of the EDFAS board of directors and chairman of the EDFAS Publication Committee.
  • He was part in the Organization Committee of the conference ISTFA, the world's premier event in Electronic Device Failure Analysis, 2002 as General Chair.
  • He is member of VDE (German Society of Electrical Engineering) and head of their department 8.5, Quality and Reliability of Microelectronics, founding member of the board of the European Failure Analysis Network EUFANET and has contributed to the Microelectronics Failure Analysis broadcast course of the University New Mexico, Albuquerque.
  • Prof. Boit is member of the Editorial Board of Future Fab International and the Business Briefings.


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Technische Universität Berlin
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