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Semiconductor Device and Analysis Center

The focus of our section is on techniques for characterization, analysis and repair of semiconductor devices for the whole range from design, to manufacturing, from functional to reliability test. These techniques add an enormous value to development projects of technologies and products because they maximize the efficiiency of project learning cycles and thus help minimize time to market. Microelectronics analysis techniques undergo a paradigm shift these years. Due to complex technologies of metallization layers and packages analysis and repair needs to be performed through the backside of the structured surface. A complete set of new processes is required. It builds the core of research in this university section. Research cooperations with renowned equipment vendors from Japan and USA enable the unique chance to do elementary research on techniques that are on the threshold to basic application in industry.

  • Localization and determination of device modes in electrical operation with electro luminescence (Photon Emission, PEM) and Laser Stimulation Techniques (OBIRCH,TIVA etc). Partner: Hamamatsu
  • Exposition, modification, cut and reconnection of devices with Focused Ion Beam for precise local milling, selective deprocessing and deposition at low temperature. Partner: DCG Systems

These techniques visualize the operation of electronic devices and modify their functionality by modelling the solid comparable to medical surgery. Here, semiconductor devices can be comprehended as graphic as possible, so it's ideal for education research at an university.

Localization of Device Properties and Device Modification with Access from the Backside of the Die

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